Who We Are As a Charity

World of hope started with one person but now has many and is still creating more opportunities for others. My passion for helping young people and their families developed as a result of my experience whilst living in Peckham, Southeast London. The area was vandalised and became downtrodden due to criminal activity involving young people without them realising the implication. Due to the increase in criminal activity involving young people, I decided to make a difference by getting involved in community work with young people without remuneration. In December 2006, I decided to set up World of Hope, an organisation known for bringing HOPE to the situation facing our young people aged 5-21. World of Hope operates within Southwark, Greenwich, Lambeth and Lewisham boroughs with the aim to cover a greater portion of London. World of Hope has different and unique programmes running from transition support services for young people who are coming into the UK to settle with Mentoring and Monthly lunches and tours at the Houses of parliament, to name just a few.

We are a part of 'Youth Knife Inquiry' at the House of Commons and we have successfully reached out to over 7,000 youths and 470 parents. I feel fulfilled that I have contributed positively through my actions in reaching out to young people and parents to find solutions to the issues facing them. This later developed as a platform for other people who are passionate like me to be part of the team to stand for their com-munities rather than ignoring the situation. I greatly appreciate those that have taken up this challenge and whom I work alongside in bettering our community. Over the past three years, World of Hope has been recognised as one of the leading organi-sations in Greenwich and Southwark as well as successfully organising London week of peace events. Different activities were put together such as football tournaments, award ceremonies, community togetherness events to promote peace. We are supported by MPs, Borough commanders, Mayors, Councillors, Abbeywood's neighbourhood team and spiritual leaders.