This event will address the issues of youth knife/gun crime in Lewisham Borough. It will also be used to celebrate diversity amongst our youths for the acceptance of different ethnicities. Another highlight of the day is the launch of the ‘World of Hope Girls’ Project. A family-friendly package, there will be a host of free activities and provisions for all age ranges, including free good food from different cultural backgrounds. The use of public transport is highly encouraged for attendees coming to the venue. Due to recent frequent occurrences of Youth Knife Crime in Lewisham borough, World of Hope had raised 10 Youth Ambassadors with training to part of the solution in addressing the issue. As of this event, these Youth Ambassadors have engaged with other young people, decision makers and the police in order to successfully put together this information booklet on the impact of knife crime in our community. This is a message from Young People to other Young People. The carrying of knives is an ongoing issue and we need to work together to resolve it. Join us to celebrate your culture!.

The maximum penalty for carrying a knife is 4 years in prison and a fine of £5,000. If you have information about crime and but feel unable to speak to the police, you can contact Crimestoppens anonymously on 0800 555 111. Help stop knife and gun crime.

The law is clear that if your presence, knowledge or actions lead to a crime you could also be charged for the same crime. This also means that it’s not just the person who uses the knife or gun that could be charged. It could be anyone who was with them, or knew or did something which led to it happening.

1. For protection
2. Status
3. Availability of weapon
4. Media coverage

1. The family of the victim or perpetrator will have to live with the impact
2. False sense of security as most people die at the hand of their own knives
3. Criminal records limit chances at a better future
4. Bacteria on the knifes can cause wounds to be more fatal and dangerous than usually
5. The entire community suffers the loss

1. Warning letters and interviews, behaviour contracts and neighbour agreements
2. Conflict resolution meetings
3. Fixed Penalty Notices and Penalty Notices for Disorder
4. Parenting Orders and Individual Support Orders
5. Noise Abatement Notices
6. Community Protection Notices
7. Injunctions, Criminal Behaviour Orders
8. Premises Closure Orders
9. Possession Proceedings Against a Tenant

1. Do not take away a life, it also takes away yours
2. Better say safe than sorry. Safety, however, is not found in a knife
3. Know your friends, are they good or bad influence?
4. Where there Is hope, there is a way. Try to find hope in every situation
5. We are part of the solution. Why don't you become one?