Inappropriate Chastisement

Too many children being taken into care because of what is regarded as "inappropriate chastisement".

Child beating cases go to court unnecessarily

Too many cases are ending up in the courts unnecessarily because social workers are in fear after Baby P, Victoria Climbie. A barrister, who worked on the Victoria Climbie inquiry, has warned there are too many children being taken into care because of what is regarded as "inappropriate chastisement" but she also stressed unreasonable chastisement was abuse and "doesn't work in any culture". She praised Justice Pauffley who recently said authorities needed to make allowances for a "cultural context" in cases involving children, as "thinking outside the box"

The Nigeria Community at Nigeria High Commission in London.

To educate and raise awareness on the increase in safeguarding issues within the Nigeria Comunity in the UK and bring together parents, leaders, and profesionals to find a way forward.

Street Outreach

Outreach is a very important part of community work to reduce knife crime in the borough. It means you go out and find young people on the street corners to talk with them. The Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom (CANUK), is the umbrella organisation serving the collective interests of Nigerian associations, unions, societies, groups etc. in the United Kingdom.

Talk PANTS with Pantosaurus and his PANTS song

What's in your pants, belong only to you...your pants cover up your private parts. if someone asks to see, just tell the person "no!". Pantosaurus like to wear his pants all day long. His pants cover up private parts and that's what makes him strong. If someone asks to see or tries to touch him underneath, he tells the person "no!". Then Pantosaurus tells someone he trusts and likes to speak to.

2017 Youth Achivement

Celebration of Youth Achivement 2017 to raise awareness and youth as catalyst of change in conjuction with launching of Anti-Social Behaviour info Booklet and Nigeria Orphanage project with RAVENSBOURNE COLLEGE.

2018 Orphanage Project

Second day event of Orphanage Project to celebrate the Orphans and Motherless babies by bringing hope to them.

2018 Orphanage Project

One day event of Orphanage Project to celebrate Widows and Widowers by giving support to them.