Young People & Family Support

Our services include training, monthly youth ambassador forum, educational trips, weekend residential trips, raising youth peer mentor, setting goal, peer pressure, confidence building and events. We have passion to empower and engage our youths and encourage social integration through the organization's various community initiatives.


Running different events and training to educate young people on carrying weapon, teenage pregnancy, and use of drug. We collaborate with various organization to get the youth out of the street into fruitful living.



While settling in the UK, World of Hope offers advice and assistance to young people and their families during their transition period. We encourage family togetherness by empowering both young people and family to increase close relationship.


Feedback from Young People & Family

The Incredible World of Hope Event

The event was educative, informative, eye opener, more of kind needed in our ccmmunities, well organised, good food and excellent speakers.

World of Hope has aided me in developing and utilizing various skills. Working as a youth mentor, relating and involving myself with the young people, has facilitated the development of my future life and career.
World of Hope has allowed me to see into the workings of an organization, and i have been able to experience the difficulties of running it successfully. It has also given me a valuable opportunity to learn and exercise my leadership and team-working skills which will be crucial to my future life and career.
I feel World of Hope has given me the opportunity to gain many skills and as a youth mentor, i have also been offered many opportunities, which have allowed me to develop myself in many areas.
We feel valued that World of Hope gives us a forum where our voices could be heard towards stop and search