Inquiry on the Recent Riot in Woolwich

On the day of the riot, World of Hope made series of phone calls to all our young people in Southwark, Greenwich, Lambeth and Lewisham where we operate encouraging them to stay in door not to participate in the riot and also to contact other young people they know to also stay away. Up till today, we have not heard or informed by any family or young people that anyone engage in our project is involved in the riot. World of Hope was present in Woolwich on the night of the riot to discourage young people from further participation in the riot despite that we just returned from our weekend trip that Monday from Haven with girls to be raised as youth peer mentor from Southwark (Peckham & Nunhead). World of Hope consistently visited the areas affected as mentioned above to ensure that the feeling of the community and businesses where made known to the Community Engagement Board in the New Scotland Yard as we are part of the community representative on the board. World of Hope identified the need for community to come together to reason, find answer to our WHY questions and to identify a way forward to prevent this type of incident in the future. This event kicked start with the introduction of the event by Florence Emakpose, the founder and Director of World of Hope. She talked about how World of Hope has impacted positively into the lives of our young people and their families. Looking in to why the Police car was burnt down whilst they were in the fore front of the riot protecting our community.

It was highlighted on the day that the young people seems to have a wrong perception of the Police in the sense that when a young person committed a crime and arrested by the police they do not like it. The young people also fail to understand that this is one of the primary duty of our local police. Although it was mentioned that we have a small proportion of police who are not treating our young people fairly but if there is no report brought forward it will be hard for the MET to deal or aware of the situation. This was also concluded with a recommendation that our Police in Greenwich Borough are committed, hard working and friendly to us in the borough there is no reason why they have to be paid back by burning their car or hurting them. There was an appreciation from the audience to our local Police for their effort and commitment in ensuring safety of our community despite the way they were treated badly during the riot. Applause from the audience as a means of encouragement. The Borough Commander took time to answered questions that he was asked about shortage of police which is due to police been moved to Tottenham and reduction in the number of police force due to government cut. PC Paul Martin from Abbey wood SNT came with a young police cadet to talk about the Opportunity for young people to join POLICE CADET. World of Hope works in partner with Police cadet in referring our young people who are interesting or planning to study Criminology to join in enhancing their opportunity in the future. One young person has joined and we have another 2 young people about to be referred from World of Hope.