Mission Statement

World of Hope is committed to raising Youth Ambassadors that will become tomorrow's leaders through our mentoring, training, coaching, and citizenship programmes which will equip them to positively impact their communities. Recognise great effort made by young people and to strengthen family togetherness.


We are determined to support every young person to achieve their full potential in life. Build a World that brings hope in assisting young people through a journey that leads to a crime free lifestyle. Also provide them with information of activities taking place in their area for them to take responsibilities and participate.

Aims and Objectives

To reduce youth crime by supporting parents to understand youth culture and lifestyle. To take young people to visit decision makers and to be consulted on issues facing them for their voice to be heard as a means of inspiration. To engage on the streets with young people for them to understand the dangers they could face.

Archieve Files


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Riot Agenda

Download the Woolwich Riot Inquiry report Agenda

Riot Report

Download the full report the of World of Hope Woolwich riot inquiry

End of Year Event

W.O.H Greenwich community cohesion / end of year event.

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