Campaign against Domestic Violence

Following previous work carried out by the Peckham Community Council, around Domestic Violence, a new community grants scheme funded by the Home Office and the Safer Southwark Partnership was launched to support projects aiming to tackle domestic violence against women. Cllr. Catherine McDonald, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, spoke about the teenage pregnancy commission which had been launched in November due to the fact that teenage pregnancy rates in Southwark were among the highest nationally. Esy Oluwafemi, a local resident who currently chairs the commission, also spoke about the work that her organization, Wisegem, undertakes with regards tackling this issue locally. Fiona Russell from Children’s Services said that officers wanted to hear the views of the community which would inform a report that the commission had been tasked to provide for Cabinet to consider how to address the issue.

Participants were also invited to give their views regarding the Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan a 15 year plan for how developments would be managed in Peckham. Attendees said they wanted less developments and disruptions and a greater variety and quality of shops. Meeting attendees were also asked to take part in the consultation for the new draft Air Quality Strategy.David Reid, director of the Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum explained how the forum, which had been set up to improve the quality of life for residents of Peckham and Nunhead by helping community groups to manage their organisations better. Florence Emakpose, from the World of Hope-Youth Initiative Against Conflict, spoke about the work of the group in teaching young people the importance of appreciation, caring and respect via befriending, mentoring and outreach work. As part of the regular community safety update, Sue Hunter, warden manager for the area, explained the new warden reorganization reassuring people that the wardens would still continue visiting vulnerable residents. Sue also reassured residents that warden patrols on estates still constituted an important part of warden duties.